Resorting to notary services confers increased safety to the parties concerned, the documentation related to each deed concluded by a notary being previously checked by the latter.

From evidence and process point of view, the documents authenticated by a notary public constitute important evidence; they may be attacked only by claim of forgery and, on the other hand they may constitute writ of execution, thus gaining the same powers of a resolution passed by a court of law.

Certain categories of deeds and procedures, such as real estate transfer documents or inheritance procedure can be instrumented only by a notary public.

Last but not least, various types of statements made on one’s own responsibility are required by institutions in authentic form.

Among the main deeds and operations falling in the competence of a notary public are:

  •  drawing up / drafting and/or authentication of documents with legal content, upon the parties’ request (contracts, powers of attorney, statements, etc.);
  •  inheritance procedure by carried out by a notary;
  •  certification of signatures on deeds, signature specimens, true and accurate copies of the original, translations and seals;
  •  conferring date certain at law on deeds presented by parties;
  •  receipt into storage of deeds and documents presented by parties.

Through our collaborators, we offer a direct way of concluding the deeds and operations listed above and notary counselling for identification and putting into practice the optimal legal solution for each client in part.