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The key element to our success is the quality of the persons we work with. In order to be able to offer you irreproachable services, we chose the best. Each one in part and the team as a whole contributes with their talent, experience and creativity in carrying out the mission entrusted.

Any member of our team shall give you the time and attention you need and offer you clear, pragmatic advice that will help you in taking the most appropriate decisions.

Our purpose is to understand the client’s needs and meet him halfway. Therefore, the services offered to our clients are approached in a simple, yet very efficient manner.

The audit approach:

  •  Shall be adapted to the specifics of the company’s activity;
  •  Shall be carried out synthetically towards analytically, from general to particular;
  •  Shall perform risk assessment;
  •  Bear in mind material concept (significance extent of the amounts in accounting);
  •  Shall be determined by the objectives relevant for each transaction category;
  •  Shall determine the reliability of the internal control system and the accounting system within the former.
  •  Trust is very hard to obtain, nobody grants it easily, but we shall strive to gain it through the accuracy of our methods and the professionalism of the team.