The members of our team activating in the field of accounting, remuneration, human resources, consultancy, fees and taxes are prepared for the companies of all types, with mixed capital, foreign or Romanian, companies with experience or companies getting ready to enter the market, offering advice and a full package of services oriented towards fully and highly qualitatively covering the requirements of its customers.

Our accounting services cover financial and management accounting, compulsory for all companies in order to reflect their monthly, trimester, semester and annual situation, both for the members of the management and of the board of directors, and for the competent institutions of the Romanian state.

The completion of our services of financial and management accounting is to monthly draft all statements and to file them with the state institutions on behalf of our customer. The trimester and semester statements required by the Romanian law devolve as well onto us, and are found in the portfolio of the services we offer. Drafting the accounting balance is another duty we have as supplier and, therefore, we shall fulfill it with all needed professionalism next to the consolidated situations at each and every end of year.

Seeing that, before drafting financial accounting, there is another important step to cross, and that is, drafting elementary accounting, we offer you the needed counseling and assistance for the issue, receipt and organizing of elementary documents. Archiving the documents related to the accounting department is dealt with by us. As well, the members of our team award permanent consultancy, as related to the current issues which may appear within this activity, settling them in real time, this consultancy being also extended onto more elaborated fiscal situations, taxes au personal.

Taxes and fees get an important level within our company, punting on the consideration that it is a necessary harm within any organization of our customer, and we therefore grant counseling with our audit department related to the taxation applicable in Romania for your company, income tax, profit tax, withholding taxes etc., as well as launching a volume of procedures for reducing the taxes borne by the companies of our customers in favor of the state.

Remuneration and human resources are departments best covered by a very good knowledge of the Labor Code applicable in Romania, by drafting employment agreements, addendums or decisions to terminate work relations. Our company calculates and drafts the payroll and flier for the employees of our customers, and, adjacently to this calculus, we shall also draft and check the statements to the State Budget. Labor protection is a field assured by the members of our company specialized and accredited for such purpose.

In order for the list of our services in the accounting field be complete, we offer you, every end of moth, a reporting system correlated to the needs of each and every customer or sole shareholder represented by a “mother” company which must consolidate the financial situations in Romania to those in its country of origin. The reporting system may be created by our company based on the requirements and needs of your company or another system imposed by your company may be also adopted.

Accounting and Reporting Services

Assistance after establishment, the implementation of the bookkeeping and reporting system:

Purchase of compulsory accounting and tax registries from ANAF (Financial Administration of Public Finances)
Choosing the bookkeeping system – initializing the account plans according to the requirements of our customers, mother-company or group; initialization of the cost centers and of other configurations, upon request of our customers;
Project management within the organizing of the accounting IT system;
Training the staff of trading companies for services like elementary accounting, financial management, invoicing, archiving.

Accounting and control of accounting operations

Maintenance of computerized accounting archives, fully compliant with the requirements of accounting policies of trading companies and with the Romanian accounting standards;
Registering bank payments and receipts and making them compliant, where applicable, with invoices;
Constant registration of operations in the sale and procurement journals;
Registering all the purchases of fixed assets and their sale, keeping up-to-date the register of fixed assets, calculating the depreciation and the profits / losses as consequence of such sale, registration of changes occurred after the physical inventory;
Registration of all expenses deduction sheets;
Registration of all the other money collections or small expenses;
Registration of salary related expenses;
Registration of provisions, advance payments, interests etc.;
Calculating and registering currency exchange differences.
Monthly drafting:
– synthetic and analytic accounting balance sheet
– detailed accounting journal
– synthetic and analytic sheets
– analytic situation of suppliers
– analytic situation of customers
– filling in the accounting journal (monthly), tax record registry (trimester), inventory registry (annual)

Assistance services for declarative obligations

Calculating fees, taxes and contributions owed by trading companies and natural persons;
Drafting tax statements according to the requirements of the Romanian law;
Filing tax statements with the competent authorities;
Preparing from due time the estimate payments for fees and taxes;
Long term assistance for the VAT reimbursement process;
Assistance during the development of the tax audit performed by the Romanian authorities.

Administrative services

Assistance for opening bank accounts;
Setting the mandated banks;
Settling various aspects related to the relation with banks, including the installation and maintenance of the e-banking platform, as well as preparing and performing all types of payments.
Other accounting and administrative assistance services
Drafting invoices for customers, upon their request;
Drafting and filing statistic situations (INTRASTAT / NBR / ANRE etc.);
Registering the main documents in the system of customers, in order to be accessed by foreign entities;

Consultancy in the field of accounting and assistance upon the implementation / localization of the planning system of the enterprise resources – ERP – (implementation of computer programs/applications systems like SAP, Exact etc.);

Remuneration and human resources

Processing monthly salary calculi;
Drafting and delivering fliers for each and every employee;
Drafting money orders for salaries and taxes
Registering payments for salaries and taxes in the online banking system
Drafting monthly tax statements and the statements related to salaries and filing them with the competent tax authorities based on electronic signature
Full assistance services upon obtaining the work permit for foreign employees (come from other states than EU);
Drafting the employment agreements and annexes;
Fulfilling all legal formalities for the cancellation / termination / suspension of employment agreements;
Issuing salary / work seniority certificates;
Drafting and updating the Electronic Records register of Employees;
Maintaining the relation with the competent authorities and offering assistance during the development of work inspection activities;
Drafting / updating the Internal Regulation, Collective Employment Agreement