Why Timisoara….

Where from and actually what Timisoara represents, a compulsory stop, in the route to the occident and component of which it is, puzzle part once lost and found we can see today…

Timisoara “For sure the little Vienna”The modern citadel of Timisoara was built between 1723 and 1765. The headstone was laid on April 25, 1723. The construction of the citadel lasted for 42 years and was about 20 million Austrian florins. The project of the citadel looked like that: a triple belt of ditches shaped as a massive wall star (height 12 m and a width of 50 feet), out of which, still up and reminding of old times, the Wall of the Bastion – reference point in the middle of Timisoara.

In 2015 the Forbes magazine listed the top related the business field in Romania, top where Timisoara took the first place. The advantages of Banat’s capital city is connected to the highway network which links Romania to Central and Western Europe, but also the tax facilities offered to foreign and Romanian investors which established production facilities in industrial parks in the Western part of the country.

(Forbes.ro; external link)

In a retrospective of the last two decades of the city where the Revolution started in 1989 in Romania, the journalists of Financial Times appraise Timisoara for its quick development and for attracting 8,000 foreign companies, according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Timisoara. Close enough to 10 European capitals, on a ray of 500 kilometers, with good transportation infrastructure and workforce educated and financially advantageous, the city has its foreign investors from 80 countries, half of them being from Italy and Germany, but also present are countries like Poland, Spain or Austria, as is are a dozen of famous multinational companies which built around the city, including Continental, Flextronics, Siemens, Nestle, Danone, Alcatel or Smithfield.

The academic environment has an important presence in Timisoara, and there is an annual significant number of well trained graduates in fields like IT, architecture, economics, medicine, engineering, by tradition Universities from Timisoara, like the West University or the Politehnica University. The students and graduates from Timisoara always marked out as future employees with initiative, and therefore, there was a hub established in Timisoara wchih brought professors, students and representatives from private companies at the same table, within educational projects, which adds value as there is a tight collaboration between present day students and the needs of the labor market decided by the private environment.

Besides the road transport infrastructure, Traian Vuia airport connects Timisoara from important cities from Europe like Munich, Rome, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Milano, Paris, which makes the city even more attractive due to the facile and quick access the permanent registered offices opened by foreign investors. The speed of internet classified as the first in the works according to Net Index, makes out of Timisoara one of the important points on the IT field map for the 90.27 Mbps assured by specialized suppliers, value almost double as compared to the city classified second.

Timisoara is continuously changing, which change proves to be beneficial for foreign investments in the Timisoara and Banat economy, change due to help companies to undertake, with more added value, their production, commercial actions and services, by actively cooperating at local level and well placed partnership approach in order to satisfy such challenges.