‘’We try not to become a company of success but rather to become a company of value”


How can an internet connection which redirects towards an apparently insignificant home make you, our future customer, understand who we are and why are accounting and legal services go beyond many patterns and which may be very simply defined by one word: quality.

Precisely in order to go beyond the online barrier, we shall profile in the simplest method possible what ADVICE ACCOUNTING is, what our accounting and legal services mean, why we are best in the extent to offer another meaning to the words ACCOUNTING, LEGAL ADVICE or AUDIT.

Wise…To advise in your business ideas was born from the energy and desire to grant professionalism another connotation, from the will to succeed to impose as a standard that each and every customer implicitly becomes our business partner, that its prosperity means as well our prosperity, without forgetting that we have firm principles to meet in order to fulfill our accounting, tax and advise services addressed to you.

We are a young but highly experienced team in the fields we activate, each of our company’s members being involved, since college, in internationally famous companies which trained them, besides profile universities, seminars and improvement courses, continuous in order to keep up with legislative changes and news on the Romanian, European and American markets.

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The purpose for this short introduction is not to cover in a sparkling package a shape without substance, but, on the contrary, we want to display in front of you the sensation and trust that choosing us as partner for the development of your business is, without any doubt, the wisest decision, which shall be concretely define, when you meet each and every member of our company and the professional field they activate and you shall be convinced that the shape, which is young, has a more than based substance in the accounting, legal and tax fields.

Advice Accounting is therefore an incomparably attractive company. We certainly know it, our customers also know it, BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!

Therefore, we want to share this massage further and further, over other boundaries, and this is the reason why we invite you to analyze the world created by us, starting by introducing ourselves, and then we shall go for a “walk” together amongst the services we offer, we shall tell you where we come from, how we see the world of business, how we feel the market from Romania and we shall communicate you our future vision.